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Deacon in Prometheus.


Xenomorph. (maybe)

Place of brith:

USCS Prometheus.

The Deacon otherwise known as the Proto - Xenomorph is the result of the Trilobite inpreganating an Engineer.

Background Edit

Deacon was bron on an eascape pod from the USCS Prometheus ship after the Trilobite inpregnated an Engineer and later is seen eascaping in the Prometheus art book, but not in the movie.

Description Edit

Deacon appears in white in the Prometheus art book, purple in some paintings, and officaly dark blue in the Prometheus movie. Unlike normal Xenomorphs Deacon has no lower jaw on his interal jaw, has a pointed head which it used to carve its way out of the Engineer, and has no tail,.

Notes Edit

  • It is unknown as to weather or not Deacon is of any relation to the Xenomorphs.
  • There is an upcomming NECA action figure of Deacon that includes a severed Engineer head to be released in 2013.

Gallery Edit

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